2020 Speaker Series

EVENT POSTPONED – 2020 Speaker Series: Carl Lobue, “What’s with all the Bunker?!” NY Ocean Programs Director, The Nature Conservancy.

NOTE: This event has been postponed.

Join Friends of the Bay in Welcoming Carl Lobue, NY Ocean Programs Director at the Nature Conservancy, when he speaks about what’s up with all the Bunker (Atlantic Menhaden) on Wednesday, March 25, 2020.

“Standing on the ocean shores stretching from Maine to Virginia, you may have spotted the incredible sight of breeching whales, dolphins and seals along the coast. Believe it or not, this is in large part due to an oily little fish that often goes unnoticed — the Atlantic menhaden.

Called the most important fish in the sea, menhaden are an essential food source for whales, dolphins, striped bass and seabirds.

Atlantic menhaden caught as part of Maryland’s Estuarine Fish Community Sampling Program. Photo © Frank Marenghi, MD DNR.

Following years of unregulated fishing, The Nature Conservancy has been working with fishermen, marine scientists, charter boat captains and other partners to rebuild menhaden populations. And the results so far have been astounding. Think: porpoises and dolphins frolicking where they haven’t been seen in decades and the spectacular sight of humpback whales lunging to feed on fish schools along New York City’s coast.”

Source: Nature Conservancy / Whales Return

Atlantic menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus) AKA Bunker” occupy estuaries and coastal waters from northern Florida to Nova Scotia and are believed to consist of a single population. Adult and juvenile menhaden form large, near-surface schools, primarily in estuaries and nearshore ocean waters from early spring through early winter. By summer, menhaden schools stratify by size and age along the coast, with older and larger menhaden found farther north. During fall-early winter, menhaden of all sizes and ages migrate south around the North Carolina capes to spawn.

Source: Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission

The 2020 Speaker Series features Carl Lobue, NY Ocean Programs Director at the Nature Conservancy, who will be making a presentation at Friends of the Bay on Wednesday March 25, 2020 at 7PM .

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