Interactive Display (OBNWR)

Oyster Bay National Wildlife Refuge Interactive Display

The Map screen contains a visual index of the different biomes of the refuge. The Oyster Bay National Wildlife Refuge is a 3,209-acre refuge that includes sub-tidal (bay bottom to mean high tide line) habitats, salt marsh and a freshwater pond.

The tour also makes use of the touch screen allowing the user to interact directly with the content. The story line features 4 main areas of interest; About, History, Activities and an interactive Map.


Friends of the Bay recently completed the beta launch of the first interactive tour for the Oyster Bay National Wildlife Refuge optimized for the iPad. Since it is specifically developed for the iPad, the tour can utilize the HTML5 and CSS3 specification. This is especially useful with the video clips which are larger than conventional web video.

Once zoomed in, the user can learn more about the area and see locations only accessible by boat. Oyster Bay is the largest refuge in the Long Island National Wildlife Refuge Complex and receives the most public use of all the refuges.

You can view the beta release using the link below – please note this content was created for HTML5 compliant devices i.e. iPad and will only display all features in Safari or Chrome Browsers.