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Busy Months Ahead

5.11.11 – Busy Months Ahead

May and June are incredibly busy months in the Oyster Bay community – it seems like every day is packed with activities and events.  I have listed below the activities Friends of the Bay is involved in. Hope to see you at one, or all, of these activities.

West Marine will host a Community Day to benefit Friends of the Bay at their West Marine store at 16 Soundview Marketplace, Port Washington, NY.   Friends of the Bay will receive 5% of all sales that day!

Six water Chestnut Pulls have been scheduled at Mill Pond, all times are from 9:00 am to 2:00 PM.   The Long Island National Wildlife Refuge and Friends of the Bay are seeking volunteers to help remove water chestnut, an invasive aquatic plant, from the Mill Pond.  Water chestnut was detected in the Mill Pond in 2008.  Water chestnut can form dense floating mats and clogs the water in shallow sections and along the shoreline – severely limiting light (a critical element of aquatic ecosystems) and reducing oxygen levels in the water.

It competes with native vegetation and is of little value to wildlife.  It also limits boating, fishing, swimming and other recreational activities.  To help prevent water chestnut from spreading, we need assistance pulling the plants before they drop their spiky seeds.  Volunteers will use canoes to access the pond to hand pull the plants.  Volunteers are also needed at the launch site to transfer water chestnut from the canoes into a dump truck.

Canoes, life vests/jackets,  baskets for collecting plants, lunch and refreshments will be provided.  If you have your own life vest/jacket, please bring it.  Volunteers should wear shoes and clothing that can get wet (shorts are recommended), sunscreen, hat and insect repellent.   REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED AT LEAST ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE EVENT.  We will need a volunteer count to ensure that we have enough equipment and food.  Please contact Monica Williams at or call 631-286-0485 for more information or to register.

There are six dates scheduled.  Rain dates will be scheduled as necessary if poor weather conditions such as heavy rain, thunderstorms or fog are predicted.

Sat, May 21; Thurs May 26; Sat June 11; Sat June 18; Thurs June 23; Thurs June 30.

June 6 – The final draft of the Watershed Action Plan will be presented to the public for review and comment. The meeting will be held on Monday, June 6 at 7:00 pm in the library at Oyster Bay High School.  Community turnout at these meetings has been outstanding.  Friends of the Bay has received many excellent suggestions and very positive comments.  Please come, and be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

June 8 – Sarah Meyland will give a talk in the Friends of the Bay office at 2 Townsend Square at 7:30. This is a joint lecture with the Long Island North Shore Heritage Area (  Sarah will be discussing the “Future of Water on Long Island.”  Sarah Meyland is the Co-Director of the Center for Energy, Environment and Economics at NYIT.  She is also an Associate Professor in the Master’s Program in Environmental Technology in the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences.  In 2006, Ms. Meyland was named the Director of the Center for Water Resources Management at NYIT.

Ms. Meyland’s special area of expertise is water and groundwater issues.  In New York, she has served in a number of positions both inside and outside of government.  Ms. Meyland has written and spoken extensively on issues relating to groundwater protection, water management, environmental policy, and environmental planning.

Her efforts also include the development of several important state laws to protection Long Island’s groundwater.  She has served on numerous advisory boards at the local, state and federal level concerned with groundwater and water resources, environmental quality, public health and national security.

Ms. Meyland’s educational background includes Bachelor’s degrees in English (Univ. of North Carolina, Greensboro), Geological Oceanography (Humboldt State Univ., California), Marine Biology (Humboldt State Univ., California); an M.S. in Water Resource Management (Texas A&M), and a J.D. (St. Johns Univ. School of Law, New York).