Citizens Campaign for the Environment, Friends of the Bay, Group for the East End, Vision Long Island, the Sierra Club, Sustainability Institute, and the Long Island Pine Barrens Society, are calling upon the Department of Environmental Conservation to protect Long Island’s drinking water by calling for zero tolerance for pesticides in drinking water and to ban the […]

Long Island’s Drinking Water – Challenges and Solutions

This is a blog post from Ecocentric, written by Kyle Rabin (courtesy of Grace Communications Foundation).   Long Island’s Drinking Water – Challenges and Solutions   Over the last few years, a groundwater pollution Superfund site in my community has generated concernamong local residents; that much I’m sure of. What I’m less clear of is to what […]

Watershed Action Plan Presentation

On Saturday, March 10, 2012, the Lloyd Harbor Conservation Board hosted a public meeting held at the Cold Spring Harbor Library regarding the Watershed Action Plan developed by Friends of the Bay (FOB) for the Oyster Bay/Cold Spring Harbor Complex.  Patricia Aitken, Executive Director of Friends of the Bay summarized the 200+ page document and […]

1.4.12 – Greenwashing

The beginning of a New Year, and many resolutions have been made, and hopefully, not broken yet.  For those who have made the decision to buy more sustainably and make environmentally friendly decisions – congratulations and thank you for your commitment to help Mother Earth.  And now the hard part – how are those decisions […]

10.10.11 – Water Quality Threats

Last week in this column I wrote about the legislative hearing in Suffolk County regarding the status of the water supply.  There are other contaminants besides improperly maintained septic systems which are affecting groundwater.  Pesticides are a serious threat to ground and surface waters.  More than 95 different pesticides have been detected in groundwater.  According […]