Water Quality Monitoring Data Sheet

This is the sheet used by Friends of the Bay volunteers to record water quality data.  Use this to interpret the wind, tidal, and weather conditions compiled on a weekly basis. Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Data Sheet

Bald Eagles and Washington

Last week, two emaciated juvenile bald eagles were recovered from the waters around Oyster Bay.  Bald Eagles are not common on Long Island.  They are seen occasionally during the spring and fall migrations, but to see one is special.  The first juvenile was found by Mitch Kramer of Tow Boat US in the middle of […]


Citizens Campaign for the Environment, Friends of the Bay, Group for the East End, Vision Long Island, the Sierra Club, Sustainability Institute, and the Long Island Pine Barrens Society, are calling upon the Department of Environmental Conservation to protect Long Island’s drinking water by calling for zero tolerance for pesticides in drinking water and to ban the […]

Long Island’s Drinking Water – Challenges and Solutions

This is a blog post from Ecocentric, written by Kyle Rabin (courtesy of Grace Communications Foundation).   Long Island’s Drinking Water – Challenges and Solutions   Over the last few years, a groundwater pollution Superfund site in my community has generated concernamong local residents; that much I’m sure of. What I’m less clear of is to what […]