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Christeen Relaunch

5.4.11 – Christeen Relaunch

We can all look forward to seeing the Christeen sailing the waters of Oyster Bay and Cold Spring Harbor again!  She was launched on Saturday, April 30, in fine style with a crowd of well wishers and supporters in attendance.  Jamie Demingm, President of the WaterFront Center said that the Christeen is a symbol of everything we care for, everything we do.  She expressed her thanks to the Deparment of Environmental Conservation, the Town of Oyster Bay and Senator Marcellino for making Building J available so quickly when space was needed to work on Christeen.  Thanks also to the donors and twenty or so volunteers for their generous assistance, without them the project would not have been possible.  The volunteers, under the leadership of shipwright Josh Herman, played an invaluable role in repairing the Christeen.  Without their work and efforts, the restoration might not have been possible.

Reverend Peter Casparian blessed the Christeen after an over enthusiastic wet down from the fire department. More than one person attending the ceremony wound up soaked to the skin.   His prayer was a lovely one, and I wish I had it all word for word.  He asked to bless the Christeen and all who will sail on her in years to come, that they will know when to go out, when to stay put and may they be redeemed in spirit through their encounter with the beauty of the creator’s handiwork in our bay.

Dave Waldo, Executive Director of the WaterFront Center said that the launching of the Christeen after six months of work is a culmination of everything the WaterFront Center is about – welcoming people from all communities, providing educational opportunities for people to learn and experience new skills and to appreciate all things related to the marine environment.

The Christeen was one of the first projects that Friends of the Bay took on when we were first formed in the late 1980s.  To me, she is an embodiment of the deep love and commitment our volunteers and supporters have to our harbor and our community.  There can be no better reminder of that than seeing the Christeen out on the harbor, whether doing a marine education sail or a sunset cruise. She unites us all.