Action Alert

Hurricane Sandy

At Friends of the Bay, we hope that you have been spared the worst of Hurricane Sandy’s impact. There are so many heartbreaking stories, but also stories of great courage, compassion and strength.  The first responders, volunteer firemen, EMTs, policemen, municipal  and utility workers, have all made heroic efforts to save lives and property, and deserve thanks and recognition from all of us.

Our harbor and watershed communities were not spared.  Bayville was very hard hit with flooding, as were many other lowlying areas.  The amount of trees destroyed by this storm, and the power outages caused by those falling trees, is incredible.
The water quality impacts from sewage contamination from overflowing cesspools, chemicals, broken gas lines, home heating systems, are yet to be assessed.   Our shorelines have been reshaped, perhaps forever. Clearly, we must rethink how our infrastructure is to be rebuilt for the future.
This storm will have long turn economic and environmental impacts. I hope that our government leaders, industries and nonprofit organizations come together to provide sustainable solutions.  Friends of the Bay will be there, to work with them to build our future together.