Community Shellfish Gardening 2020

Help Keep the Oyster in Oyster Bay (and Cold Spring Harbor) by working with family and friends and making new ones. Raising oysters improves water quality and enhances marine habitat while establishing a sustainable oyster population. Mostly though, folks are having a blast connecting with their neighbors and their local waters as they help their […]

Congressman Lester Wolff National Wildlife Refuge!

Today the Oyster Bay National Wildlife Refuge was renamed the Congressman Lester Wolff National Wildlife Refuge. The Refuge would not exist if it were not for his efforts to create it. Thanks Rep. Tom Suozzi, FOB board member John Taylor and all who made this happen.

Friends of the Bay’s Water Quality Data 2018

December 13, 2018 – Oyster Bay NY: A review of water quality sampling data for 2018 through October finds a generally healthy bay complex. Data from some locations does however reflect water quality that is less ‘healthy’ than other areas. These are, not surprisingly, the locations where bay tributaries discharge – particularly Mill Neck Creek […]


Citizens Campaign for the Environment, Friends of the Bay, Group for the East End, Vision Long Island, the Sierra Club, Sustainability Institute, and the Long Island Pine Barrens Society, are calling upon the Department of Environmental Conservation to protect Long Island’s drinking water by calling for zero tolerance for pesticides in drinking water and to ban the […]