State of the Watershed Report

The State of the Watershed Report serves as the basis for the development of a Watershed Action Plan, which will identify prioritized action items to protect and improve the ecological integrity of the estuary and the surrounding watershed. Friends of the Bay has formed a steering committee to reach consensus on the specific goals and […]

Oyster Bay / Cold Spring Harbor Protection Committee

In order to help protect and enhance the water quality of these two harbors and their tributaries in the most cost-efficient and effective manner, a watershed-wide inter-municipal committee was recently formed.  Seventeen (17) of the  eighteen (18) municipalities located within the watershed have so far agreed to join the committee, which is  known as the […]

Watershed Action Plan is now final

Learn more click here The Watershed Action Plan has been developed consistent with State and Federal guidance for the development of watershed-based plans. Following this approach will enable implementation projects under this plan to be considered for funding under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act and improve the chances for funding through other State and […]