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Hempstead Harbor Shellfish Beds Reopen

6.1.11 – Hempstead Harbor Shellfish Beds Reopen Congratulations  to the Hempstead Harbor Protection Committee and the Coalition to Save Hempstead Harbor.  Their cooperative efforts – municipalities, citizens and agencies coming together to solve a problem – have resulted in the reopening of the outer area of Hempstead Harbor for shellfishing.  2500 acres will now be […]

Harbor and Beach Cleanup

5.18.11 – Harbor and Beach Cleanup The phrase of the day at the Harbor and Beach Cleanup on May 7 had to be “there’s more of these darn disks!”  The plastic disks seemed to be in endless supply, scattered all around the harbor.  They have spread all over the sound.  In response to an earlier […]

State of the Watershed Report

The State of the Watershed Report serves as the basis for the development of a Watershed Action Plan, which will identify prioritized action items to protect and improve the ecological integrity of the estuary and the surrounding watershed. Friends of the Bay has formed a steering committee to reach consensus on the specific goals and […]