1.4.12 – Greenwashing

The beginning of a New Year, and many resolutions have been made, and hopefully, not broken yet.  For those who have made the decision to buy more sustainably and make environmentally friendly decisions – congratulations and thank you for your commitment to help Mother Earth.  And now the hard part – how are those decisions […]

Water Facts

Water Facts – click here for video   The Earth contains 366,000,000,000,000,000,000 gallons of water. That’s 366 quintillion gallons of water. Only .007% is potable. Today 7 billion of us share this precious resource. The ice on Kilimanjaro has shrunk 85% in 100 years. The Aral Sea — once Asia’s second-largest lake — is one […]

10.10.11 – Water Quality Threats

Last week in this column I wrote about the legislative hearing in Suffolk County regarding the status of the water supply.  There are other contaminants besides improperly maintained septic systems which are affecting groundwater.  Pesticides are a serious threat to ground and surface waters.  More than 95 different pesticides have been detected in groundwater.  According […]

EPA Launches Website to Protect Wetlands

From helping control floods to serving as natural buffers against water pollution to providing recreational opportunities and habitat for fish and wildlife, wetlands offer benefits almost too numerous to count. Members of the public can help the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency protect these vital areas by reporting suspected violations of the federal laws that protect […]

8.17.11 – Blueway Trail

In 2009, Friends of the Bay formed a committee to begin planning a blueway trail which would guide kayakers and canoers through Mill Neck Creek, Oyster Bay and Cold Spring Harbor.   A blueway trail, also known as a blue trail or water trail is the on-water equivalent of a hiking trail.  It is intended to […]