About FOB

Friends of the Bay’s Mission is to preserve, protect and restore the Oyster Bay/Cold Spring Harbor Estuary and the surrounding watershed.

In furtherance of that mission, Friends of the Bay completed a State of the Watershed Report, and subsequently completed a Watershed Action Plan.  We also conduct weekly water quality monitoring at 19 sites throughout the estuary from April through October, and perform streams and outfalls testing at more than 10 sites.


Friends of the Bay was formed in 1987 by a small group of citizens who were concerned about the impact of a proposed development on the Oyster Bay waterfront at the former Jakobsen Shipyard site.. After defeating the environmentally destructive proposal, Friends of the Bay led an extraordinary public process that resulted in the “Land Use Plan for the Oyster Bay Western Waterfront”.  Today, the WaterFront Center for Marine Education is located on that site.

Since our founding, we have grown into a powerful voice representing approximately 3000 members. The New York Times has identified Friends of the Bay as one of the most effective environmental organizations around Long Island Sound. In 1997, we received the prestigious Walter B. Jones Memorial and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Excellence Award for Coastal and Resource Management as the “Non-Governmental Organization of the Year”.

In 2009 Friends of the Bay was awarded a Region 2 Environmental Quality Award by the Environmental Protection Agency for its citizen water quality monitoring program.

Today, Friends of the Bay conducts water quality monitoring in Oyster Bay and Cold Spring Harbor, sponsors community events on the water and beach and works with citizens and local government for wetland restoration and habitat protection. We are monitoring progress on Eastern Waterfront planning, involving land owners, town and state governments and continuing to involve citizens in the process.