The Clean Water Act is under attack in Congress – On the heels of efforts to strip EPA of its authority to regulate air pollution, the House has now turned its sights on the Clean Water Act.  Congressman Steve Israel is a strong advocate for Long Island Sound – let him know how important it is to YOU and help him protect our waterways.

A new bill, HR 2018, would hamstring the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to enforce key elements of the Clean Water Act, threatening national ecological treasures like the Florida Everglades and Long Island Sound. HR 2018 was fast-tracked through committee — next stop for this bill is the House floor.

The Long Island Sound provides critical habitat for an extraordinary array of birds, fish and other wildlife, all while contributing more than $8 billion to the Northeast regional economy annually. The quality of its waters and marine environment impacts more Americans than any other estuary in the United States. Due to its environmental and economic significance, in 1985 the Sound was one of the first four estuaries recognized under the National Estuary Program. Yet, HR 2018 would prevent ongoing efforts to treat human waste and other pollution that threaten Long Island Sound.

Please click here to send a message to Congressman Israel – thank him for his advocacy efforts, and ask him to keep fighting for the Sound – National Audubon Society Alert