TOB Offers Hazardous Material Collection Site

In an effort to assist residents with post-storm cleanup efforts, the Town of Oyster Bay, in conjunction with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has set up a location for residents to bring their household hazardous waste materials, according to Town Supervisor John Venditto. Now through Friday, November 30th, residents can visit the Town’s […]

EPA, State and Suffolk County to Launch Hazardous Waste Pickup and Drop-off

(New York, N.Y. – Nov. 11, 2012) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and Suffolk County will collect and properly dispose of potentially hazardous common household products from flood-damaged homes in Suffolk County. Beginning on Nov. 12, people in affected homes may bring household products, including solvents, paints, […]

Consumer Alert – Pesticides in Scott’s Products

The Environmental Protection Agency has fined Scott’s $12.5 million dollars for putting insecticides in its wild bird food products, and distributing pesticides with misleading or unapproved labels. The products involved are: Banrot Broad Spectrum Fungicide 40% Wettable Powder (EPA Reg. No. 58185-10), Basics Solutions Weed & Grass Killer Concentrate (EPA Reg. No. 71995-6-239), Brush-B-Gon Poison […]

2.8.12 EPA “Sense of Wonder” Contest

For many local residents, the beautiful waterfront and harbor is a reason to move here and to remain here, sometimes for generations.  A contest recently announced by the U.S. EPA, Generations United, the Dance Exchange, Rachel Carson Council, Inc., and the National Center for Creative Aging, should resonate with many of us.  The theme for […]

EPA Launches Website to Protect Wetlands

From helping control floods to serving as natural buffers against water pollution to providing recreational opportunities and habitat for fish and wildlife, wetlands offer benefits almost too numerous to count. Members of the public can help the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency protect these vital areas by reporting suspected violations of the federal laws that protect […]