10.10.11 – Water Quality Threats

Last week in this column I wrote about the legislative hearing in Suffolk County regarding the status of the water supply.  There are other contaminants besides improperly maintained septic systems which are affecting groundwater.  Pesticides are a serious threat to ground and surface waters.  More than 95 different pesticides have been detected in groundwater.  According […]


6.8.11 – Trees With all the rain we have had, and now (finally) some sun, the landscape is bursting forth.  The landscape is incredibly green – I don’t think I have ever seen so many different shades.  The trees seem to have leafed out overnight.  Sadly, many of them were damaged in the winter storms, […]

Christeen Relaunch

5.4.11 – Christeen Relaunch We can all look forward to seeing the Christeen sailing the waters of Oyster Bay and Cold Spring Harbor again!  She was launched on Saturday, April 30, in fine style with a crowd of well wishers and supporters in attendance.  Jamie Demingm, President of the WaterFront Center said that the Christeen […]

4.6.11 – Sewage Treatment Disks

4.6.11 – Sewage Treatment Disks Last week I sent out an appeal to our supporters through Constant Contact and Facebook regarding thousands of small sewage treatment disks were released by accident from a wastewater treatment plant which is being constructed in Mamaroneck.  The disks are shaped like wagon wheels, and are about the size of […]